Period's of Clarice Cliff pottery

Clarice's earliest Bizarre pieces from 1927 are the traditional shapes decorated in strongly geometric patterns of diamonds and triangles in bold contrasting colours, and now called 'Original Bizarre'. This early ware is usually stamped 'Bizarre' and sells for moderately high prices at auction.

By 1929 Clarice was designing her own shapes, often very angular and high Art Deco. Abstract and cubist patterns appeared on these, such as Ravel, seen on Clarice's Conical shape ware.

Clarice's are highly stylised and interpreted in strong colours, such as the 'Honolulu' pattern. Typically stamped 'Bizarre' or 'Fantasque', rare combinations of shape and pattern can attract very high prices at auction. By 1935 tastes had changed and the 'My Garden' series had become popular, with more rounded shapes, often with small flowers modelled as a handle or foot and only these were painted in detail.

Other series from this period include 'Harvest' which has detailed modeling, This late 1930s ware attracts relatively low prices at auction, though becoming more valuable.

After the second world war, although Clarice had less creative input into the ware her 'Clarice Cliff' mark was frequently added to the standard ranges made by the factory. This postwar ware has little value at auction.

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